Excited About Learning

Have you tried to learn Finnish and quit in utmost frustration? We have a solution… Have you got frustrated with all these different endings like "sta"? Think that teachers try to be smarter than they are when they use fancy terms like: perfect or suffix. Are you tired of hearing: You have to learn it by heart? Have you tried to remember the Finnish words but they keep running away from you? Have you started swearing because you don't understand anything? Have you felt that the spoken Finnish is such a mess that It feels like waste to learn anything. Do the dots on letters like ä or ö mess you up? We have a solution: Learning naturally through thinking, being in control of our learning progress without the paradox of memorizing, It's so distracting to be memorizing, Let's say bye bye to it! This Free Finnish course is unlike anything else you have ever tried to learn Finnish. You don't have to write long essays or anything at all and you'll learn to speak & write Finnish well.

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